First person life simulation game focused on the deep player's interaction with the environment. Design your apartment using advanced building features, visit stores to buy furniture, food and clothing you like, and more completely free content coming soon


Join the community to be a part of creating a game for players from the players. During early access, frequent updates are planned, the purpose of which is to improve the game and to add new content. All future content will be completely free, no full game price DLC, no microtransactions. Stay tuned for new information on social networks and Steam Page


Welcome to Port-Anthony. A small town that has recently begun to attract young people with its perspective. Choose your look and become one of those who start their new life in a new city. Start with an apartment or live on the street, the game does not limit you in your choice. Explore your neighbourhood and find out where to buy furniture, food and clothing. Earn and spend money, allow yourself whatever you want. Keep an eye on your health. Don't freeze on cold nights. Drink water on hot days... You live only once. More on Steam Page

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